chamonix wrote: 
> I rented a car, in March to drive to a ski area. Guess what? No CD
> player ! I usually travel with direct CD to CD copies of music I leave
> at home. That way if my "traveling" CDs get scratched or forgotten in a
> rental car, no problem.
> SO I had to stop the car in the Alberta wilderness, and pair my Samsung
> Smart Phone to Bluetooth in the car, to listen to my music. Another
> reason to buy a Samsung Galaxy phone, with a separate slot for a micro
> SD card, to travel with your own music.
> Incidentally, this area I was driving through had limited to no Cellular
> coverage, so streaming music off the "cloud" wasn't an option.

Carrying music in your phone hardly requires that your phone be a
Samsung. I've never owned a Samsung, but I've always had music in my
smartphones. My current phone is an LG V20, with a 128GB micro SD, and I
put about 200 albums on it—just the stuff I'm likely to need when I'm
off the grid—and still have lots of room for pictures, videos,
documents, etc. Even with all that on the SD, it's still only about 60%
full. The internal storage is 64GB, which I have less than 50% full.

I'm sure Samsung phones are very nice, but they're hardly the only nice
phones in the world today.

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