Dogberry2 wrote: 
> Carrying music in your phone hardly requires that your phone be a
> Samsung. I've never owned a Samsung, but I've always had music in my
> smartphones. My current phone is an LG V20, with a 128GB micro SD, and I
> put about 200 albums on it—just the stuff I'm likely to need when I'm
> off the grid—and still have lots of room for pictures, videos,
> documents, etc. Even with all that on the SD, it's still only about 60%
> full. The internal storage is 64GB, which I have less than 50% full.
> I'm sure Samsung phones are very nice, but they're hardly the only nice
> phones in the world today.

Fully agree, Samsung is way too expensive for me. I use a Moto X4 with
128GB micro SD and carry about 1200 albums MP3 (LAME) VBR at V0 quality
which is way good enough for Bluetooth in the car.

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