> I'm a long-term SqueezeBox owner (going back to 2006) and it has been
> one of my best purchases.
> What are your strategies to keep the music playing?

I have two SB3s from 2006. Still have the original Slim Devices paper
owners manuals. But one of my SB3s started randomly re-booting. I
ordered and replaced wiFi card with daughter boards from China. But
rebooting problem just got worse. So I finally dove into the used SB3
shark pool, on E-bay. 
Got lucky with a good unit, remote and PS for less than $100. All seems
to work ok, with some help (de-listing original owner's unit MAC # on
mysqueezebox) from Michael Herger.

All good now , with link working to my Pandora music stations again!

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