Purely speculative, but I think the Sonos user profile is rather
different to LMS.

Seems to divide between youngsters with smartphones (and increasingly
Sonos is reducing access to only the latest 'shiny' new models) anf
older users who seem to often have 'more money than sense' (having
'invested' over 10000 in speakers).   Sonos seems popular in

Sonos control is largely limited to smartphones - there is no
web-interface, and no linux controller.

There is hardly any community development of programs, etc. and users
are almost utterly dependent on Sonos fixing or at least not breaking
working systems with so-called updates.   The community forum can turn
really fractious very quickly if anyone questions the value of some
recent 'improvements'.
And once a system update has taken place, there's no way to revert. 

My Sonos system is reduced to a Beam soundbar, and 2 speakers integrated
into LMS using the upnpbridge plugin.   The only plus in my book is that
the speakers do sound good, but no longer such a plus compared to the
Roberts S series or Libratone Zipps.

LMS is light-years ahead of Sonos, and almost every other sound system.

(For what it's worth my favourite LMS setup is a chromecast audio (gen 1
- 25 usd) linked to Avantree long-distance BT transmitter (40 usd) and a
set of decent headphones - your choice!).

LMS server: Pi Zero

Amp: Denon PMA-50

Players/Speakers:  Touch, Logitech Radios, Sonos Play 1s & Beam,
Libratone Zipp, GGMM E2 & E3, Yamaha WXAD-010, Loewe Airspeaker, Google
Home Mini, Pioneer WX-SMA1, Roberts S1, O2 Joggler, Cisco Joggler

Brexit =  ∞ stupidity

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