So, we had this idea of putting everything in a big list and sorting it.
Now that I've started, I think continuing that plan is dumb. Not that
the process hasn't helped, but I want to shift how we move forward now.

We have a huge list, a few specifically. We have tickets already, we
have stuff noted. The issue we had relate to needing the top priorities
clearly identified (but not about having the rest of the
lower-priorities all sorted by priority) and to clarifying the
motivations for each issue so that the details could be determined
clearly by everyone involved.

For example, we know that making the how-it-works introductory material
effective and complete is a high priority. The trouble came from having
the tasks be "let's say X" or an illustration made or a wording proposed
without having a consensus on how to evaluate each proposal.

So, now we have some personas:

And I started writing out user stories to sort:

And I think continuing in this direction is good. So, we can think about
personas coming to see the how-it-works stuff and think more about why
it needs to have certain elements. We should take this priority item and
figure out in Open Project how to finalize some stories around what the
how-it-works pages should accomplish. Then we can figure out the minimum
needed to accomplish the issues, and we should better figure out how to
evaluate each decision.

Using that example, it's clear that the how-it-works pages could be
really long because there's so much to say. But we need them to be
concise and get people to actually read them and get the idea as quickly
as possible. The questions are: what ideas are essential? What level of
vagueness is acceptable initially around what? And user stories can help
us think through this. Open Project organizing should, hopefully, have
ways for us to separate all the steps needed.

So, here's how I see going forward: we start with things we *know* to be
high priority. We work through our new process with those items. Among
high-priority items, we can use the functions in Open Project to
sometimes say "oh, this new item is highest priority really" or "this is
high but lower than that other item". But we only need to do this with
clearly high priority items. We can all agree to prioritize things
according to what's in Open Project, and anything else still might
happen spontaneously but mostly won't be a focus.

I'd like to get started ASAP. I want help from those with thoughts or
guidance about each step of taking known items (let's go with
how-it-works pages as the first example) and eventually having a totally
organized way to identify all the appropriate stories and tasks in Open

Aaron Wolf

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