On 02/18/2016 12:24 AM, Stephen Michel wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 12:18 AM, char...@thefnf.org wrote:
>> Before you dive into process for process sake and die a death of a
>> thousand cuts by the toolchain... I'm seeing lots of massive brain
>> dumps, grandiose plans, long lists. That's a huge amount of
>> information. You'll die from analysis paralysis. I used to do that as
>> well (in my earlier investor/founder experiences). None of those ever
>> shipped or even came close.
> I'm with Charles, here. Before SCALE I felt like we were making
> progress. Now I feel like we're stalled. I'll follow his advice right
> here. I propose we head immediately for alpha. I propose the following:
>> How about a vastly simplified approach (can still use the tools of
>> course but in a more.... streamlined fashion) 1) Define core personas.
>> (project patron, project contributor).
> Core persona #1: Project Patron. Let's use Jay [0].

I'm not sure Jay is the best, but maybe

> Core persona #2: Project contributor. Let's use Mara[1].

I wrote Mara as a Snowdrift volunteer / team member. When Charles said
"Project contributor" he meant what we call "project team member" i.e.
someone connected to a different project, not Snowdrift.coop itself.

>> 2) Define what an minimally viable product would be for those two
>> personas.
> Jay comes to the site, reads the introductory materials, and quickly
> becomes enamored of the concept of coordinating to fund public goods.
> He's busy and has no technical skills, so he decides to support our
> development monetarily instead. He creates an account and pledges as a
> patron of Snowdrift.coop.

Okay, I see, we're using Snowdrift.coop as the project initially, which
is okay. At some level, we don't need vague personas for us as we can
use real people, but I'm not sure what the advice would be about that.

> Requirements:
> - [TODO] Good introductory materials
> - [DONE] Ability to create an account

additional [TODO] (well to verify): authorizing funds

> - [TODO] Project page with clickable pledge button
> - [TODO] Functioning mechanism for a single project
> - [TODO] A way to view current donation per month.
> - [TODO] Functioning "un-pledge" button
> - [TODO] Decide how to process payments
> - [TODO] Legal requirements I don't know about?
> Mara comes to the site. She too reads the introductory materials and
> becomes enamored of us. She wants to put her technical skills to use, so
> she fills out a volunteer interest form. (from here, we can help point
> her in whatever direction necessary).
> Requirements:
> - [TODO] Good introductory materials
> - [DONE, or WIP?] A good, functioning, volunteer form.

Volunteer stuff isn't MVP (but it's the broad category of "stuff that
may or may not help us get to MVP). Don't worry about that here anyway.
The funding for Snowdrift.coop is for our own immediate costs right now,
we don't need to fund hypothetical new person.

I think we should indeed focus on our own immediate needs, and so we
don't need to have Mara the persona for this.

But moving beyond us to outside projects, we need to make sure we have
the requirements clear about what's needed for outside projects to sign
up and become able to receive pledges.

>> 3) Spend three weekends (and 3 hours per day between weekends)
>> building the minimally viable product. If it's more than a man month,
>> kill it. Aggressively fight scope creep etc. (repeat the above for the
>> corporate entity as well).
> Yes, I'm missing a lot of todo's here. Yes, that's the point. That's why
> it's called the MINIMUM viable product.
> Does this sound good to everybody? Try not to write an essay in
> response, we can do that ria IRC :)
> [0] http://shovel.snowdrift.coop/projects/snowdrift/wiki/Jay
> [1] http://shovel.snowdrift.coop/projects/snowdrift/wiki/Mara
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Thanks, Stephen. Good direction. I want TODAY to start putting these
things into Open Project and then getting to WORK.


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