On 23/09/16 05:30 AM, Bryan Richter wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 11:42 AM -0400, Iko wrote:
>> Here's a list of pages currently in the repo, with a status
>> indicator. The Design wiki page has links to the latest MVP mockups.
>> https://wiki.snowdrift.coop/planning/page-specs
>> If/when I'm working on them, I'll try to update the wiki page from
>> time to time. Currently some of the pages are in prototyping stage
>> (e.g. snowdrift project page), 2-3 are still in mockups (e.g.
>> how-it-works).
>> If anyone has questions, feel free to ping me on IRC as well.
> Thanks for all this!
> Developing mockups and prototypes is just as important as any other task
> we do during development. *More* important than some of the things I
> do, certainly. This goes for other aspects of the project, as well. If
> anyone ever needs anything from me (or "the programmers" in general),
> don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks. I'll probably have questions about integrating the prototypes later.

> Mid-fortnight update from me:
> We've got one week left in September. I am creating a simple tech
> preview, a pre-alpha, of the pledge process. That will be done today,
> I think. Then, next week, I can finalize the backend technology for
> pledging, and maybe repeat the process for the donation process. I'm
> still uncovering gaps in the architecture at every step, which
> inevitably slows things down. But integrating with Stripe was pretty
> easy, and the simplified crowdmatch mechanism is not hard to
> implement.
> That means I'll be ready to integrate the backend with the finalized
> prototypes almost as soon as they're ready. :)

Great! Really excited for the pre-alpha. :)

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