Hi all,

I put this together for a tutorial last week, and I have to say it went 
amazingly smoothly:



* I started a big Amazon machine;
* I installed Docker and built a custom image containing my software of 
* I ran multiple containers, one connected to port 8000, one on 8001, etc. and 
gave each student a different port;
* students could connect in and use the Terminal program in Jupyter to execute 
commands, and could upload/download files via the Jupyter console interface;
* in theory I could have used notebooks too, but for this I didn’t have need.

I am aware that JupyterHub can probably do all of this including manage the 
containers, but I’m still a bit shy of diving into that; this was fairly 
straightforward, gave me disposable containers that were isolated for each 
individual student, and worked almost flawlessly.  Should be easy to do with 
RStudio too.

Other write-ups to do similar things with your favorite setup would be great!


p.s. the actual tutorial that students ran was here: 

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