Le 09/02/2018 à 16:35, John H. Bennett III a écrit :
> Well, that sucks for us as a whole.  I know you are running a
> business, and have the need to provide value add reliable services.

I'm just not running any SME on bare metal (and haven't been for at
least 8 years). All my SME Servers are VM, amongs other VM. So I needed
a generic backup solution. I usually run BackupPC on the hypervisor
(which is mot of the time a plain CentOS server)

>   For the distro as a whole, I don't feel we have to good solid backup
> solution, anymore.  Flexbackup and DAR just don't seem to be cutting
> it.  Flexbackup is way too slow for large amounts of data.  Don't get
> me wrong, I have personally never had any issues with flexbackup. 
> When it works, and can complete within the backup window, it works
> great for me, and restores have also always worked,  DAR seems
> inconsistent from some of the things I've seen in the forumsm but I
> don't think I really have any choice but to do some additional
> testing.  That is just my opinion, I'm sure there are those of you
> that are running this pretty reliably.

Can't say. I never used the builtin backup function. In fact, the very
first thing I did on SME (12 years ago) was working on BackupPC to have
a reliable backup solution. Since then, I'm running it.

> So, I'll have to find time to do more DAR testing on my own, and see
> if I can live with the built in method, and also do some testing with
> backuppc starting with the old contrib and seeing if that can be
> updated to use the newer versions.  Not having any experience with
> backuppc, I'd want it to backup to a CIFS share, like DAR can do

BackupPC won't do this. It won't use a CIFS share. It's a backup to disk
solution. You need a dedicated disk (or pool of disks, depends on your
needs). You can then generate archives from this and store thelm offsite
(on NFS, CIFS, what-ever you want), but you still need the main backup
store on disk.



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