On 1/18/06, Alon Altman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Tue, 17 Jan 2006, Gilad Ben-Yossef wrote:
>>   I think several software could be added to this CD. First of all, SUN
>> themselves should bundle a JAVA runtime (not open source, but free and
>> property of SUN) to allow use of all OO.o's features. Furthermore I
> I disagree on the non FOSS JAVA runtime. It's not in the charter of the amuta
> to do this.

   You are correct. However, if SUN decide to bundle the JAVA runtime, it
will still be well within our charter to distribute and promote the CDs.

 It's a good question in general, if there is a FOSS cd which has few FOSS elemets
should Hamakor help promoting it or not? I think in that case the answer would be yes
(As long as no one claims the CD to be FOSS cd just because it has Hamakor sticker on it).
The problem with open office is different IMOH, once it is an openoffice cd and the openoffice
itself is heavily depended on non free techonology it seems weird to me to support such a cd.
Maybe we can ask them to include both versions? One based on their java and the other based on opensource java complient program? Again I'm pretty sure gcj can handle openoffice without regressions. (also note that using gcc you can compile the java to native code a thing that will also make openoffice run a lot faster on old computers).