Hi there,
what is the right key combination to type accents and those little cirquits above vowels (as seen in some scandinavian countries or in french)?

I've read somewhere there is a key-combination for flipping characters, e. g. making them upside down. Is this possible? And if, how does it work?

This is why I want to know:
I have an external minikeyboard connected with my Notebook for making it easier to work as a handycapped man, with only one arm to enter keyboard commands. I use 'sticky keys' as an accessibility feature of KDE. For 'Hochschule' (don't know the right term in english, possibly college) neo2 comes in very useful to type all those Mathematical characters.

Can you tell me about possible limitations, if any (e. g. LibreOffice, Kate, ...) or does it just have to use UTF8?
Mit besten Grüßen

Karsten Zarth
Angewandte InformatikH
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