On 29.03.20 13:48, Karsten Zarth wrote:
> what is the right key combination to type accents and those little
> cirquits above vowels (as seen in some scandinavian countries or in
> french)?

Have a look at the layers pics on https://neo-layout.org/.

> I've read somewhere there is a key-combination for flipping characters,
> e. g. making them upside down. Is this possible? And if, how does it work?

That would be dead key 1 on layer 3, AFAIK. No idea if / where / under
which conditions it “works” as I’ve never needed it.

> Can you tell me about possible limitations, if any (e. g. LibreOffice,
> Kate, ...) or does it just have to use UTF8?

Since you are using Linux, the driver should be pretty much feature
complete. There have been various bugs with different window managers
but they mostly affected the mod keys. As I’ve said, I’ve personally
never used the stuff that you are looking for and neither have I been
using KDE so … good luck? :)

Sprache hier ist übrigens in der Regel Deutsch.


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