On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 7:05 AM, Robin Becker <ro...@reportlab.com> wrote:
> Any manylinux experts here?
> I tried to upgrade the docker used to build my linux packages, but I failed
> to get a build of python 3.6.0b2
> 1) I fixed a missing down load for openssl
> -OPENSSL_ROOT=openssl-1.0.2h
> -OPENSSL_HASH=1d4007e53aad94a5b2002fe045ee7bb0b3d98f1a47f8b2bc851dcd1c74332919
> +OPENSSL_ROOT=openssl-1.0.2j
> +OPENSSL_HASH=e7aff292be21c259c6af26469c7a9b3ba26e9abaaffd325e3dccc9785256c431

If you could submit a quick PR for this to the manylinux repo then
that'd be helpful.

>> Python/dtrace_stubs.o: In function `PyDTrace_LINE':
>> /Python-3.6.0b2/./Include/pydtrace.h:28: multiple definition of
>> `PyDTrace_LINE'
>> Python/ceval.o:/Python-3.6.0b2/./Include/pydtrace.h:28: first defined here
>> Python/dtrace_stubs.o: In function `PyDTrace_FUNCTION_ENTRY':
> is the pydtrace stuff something new in the beta? I searched and found this
> issue
> https://bugs.python.org/issue28092

It's not the pydtrace stuff that's new, it's that Benjamin switched
them to use some exotic C99 features to get feedback on whether those
features are usable:

I suspect that this will get reverted again before 3.6-final given
that it does in fact cause problems...

That said, I'm surprised that it's causing problems in the manylinux
docker image. The default compiler on CentOS 5 is gcc 4.1, which
definitely can't build 3.6.0b2. But the build scripts should be
downloading and using gcc 4.8 instead, and 4.8 should be able to build
3.6.0b2. So apparently one of those shoulds is wrong. First step is
probably to figure out exactly what version of gcc the Python build is


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