On 15/07/13 16:10, Florian Apolloner wrote:
On Monday, July 15, 2013 4:14:43 PM UTC+2, Jannis Leidel wrote:

    If you're suggesting to move the FastCGI code into a separate app: +1

I'd have just dropped it, but yes we can move it out; although someone
else will have to step up to continue maintaining it (if there is a need
to maintain it).


What about SCGI and AJP support? Is that going?

Seems silly to drop FastCGI which is probably the most popular of three and leave the other two intact. If you're going to drop something drop all three.

At least then it is clear to users that WSGI is the only supported option in Django.

Third parties can then maintain FastCGI, SCGI and AJP support (which I believe all come from flup anayway).

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