On Thursday, 22 September 2016 15:59:12 UTC+1, Sjoerd Job Postmus wrote:
> Another part I see is that the high coupling between Django and the URL 
> resolvers (as mentioned in 
> http://sjoerdjob.com/post/is-djangos-url-routing-tightly-coupled/ ) 
> should probably be cleaned up, if it is desired to someday support 
> alternative URL resolvers. I'm willing to provide a patch for the checking 
> part, but I'm not sure if it would be accepted. Do I need to open a ticket 
> for that?
> I wrote the initial url checks code. The current tight coupling is the way 
the code turned out, it wasn't a deliberate design choice on my part. I 
read your blog post, and changing the code as you suggest so that the 
resolver can check itself sounds good to me. Yes, please open up a ticket 
to go with your patch.


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