Thanks for the discussion all. 

FWIW, I think Trac is OK. We have a massive history there, which is 
valuable. And you don't need the commit bit to be able to triage tickets. 

I don't think moving to another system solves the problem: we'd still have 
1400 accepted open tickets, which is too much for a new contributor to 

I'm hoping to have a bit more time to think about it over the winter but my 
thoughts thus far are roughly:

* Dashboards, like are cool and useful. 
We should expand usage of those. 
* Filtering by component is an obvious candidate for this. 
   * It's much less scary that way
   * e.g. you can totally ignore the ORM tickets 🙂
   * e.g. There's ONLY (cough) 175 tickets for the admin 
that's more addressable. 
* Better use of "Easy Pickings" and/or a "Not Phenomenally Difficult" flag 
would give more texture. 
* Ultimately (whatever system we use) I think having experienced 
contributors who know a bit of the issue tracker and can flag or point out 
issues that would be suitable would be effective. 
    * "I'm retired from contributing to Django, but this ticket wouldn't be 
too difficult, and maybe I could offer a pointer or two to someone who 
wanted to take it on."

I'd like to push on these avenues (and similar) before we take on the 
massive project of changing systems. 
(Ultimately I think we'd change system and find ourselves in exactly the 
same boat.) 

Kind Regards,


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