Hi all. 

There's PR to fix long-standing issue with HTTP-only URLs being generated 
by the `ping_google` sitemaps command. 


(The PR also allows specifying the domain, so you don't need contrib.sites 

The idea is to generate HTTPS URLs by default, having a flag to switch 
(back) to HTTP if that's what you really need. (`--use_http`)

This though is a breaking change potentially: you'd need to add the new 
flag to your deployment scripts, or wherever, to keep existing HTTP URLs 

Because of this Adam suggested putting it through the deprecation process: 
keep the HTTP default and switch to HTTPS as the default later. 

However, I can't see how we can offer the new preferred usage (default to 
HTTPS without additional flags to the command) from day-one, allowing a 
shim to fallback to the existing behaviour: the best we seem to be able to 
do is emit a warning saying there'll be a breaking change in the future. If 
that's the case I'd rather just bite the bullet on it: clearly state that 
the new flag will be needed to keep using HTTP URLs in the v2.2 release 
notes and move on. 

Thoughts please. Thanks. 


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