I also don't like the "fuzzy" keyword and I spent hours in deleting them
from our django.po files after running makemessages. I would like to
disable them completely since they don't make sense in our project. Every
time after running makemessages I have to search for the "fuzzy" keywords,
delete them and also delete translations which are incorrect. I would like
all the translations to be blank if not exactly translated.

I didn't understand what you mean by "msgmerge with the "-N" option swiches
off fuzzy-matching.".

By the way, is it possible to add a default keyword that will be used for
all new translations instead of "" in a specific language? For example
"TODO"? Because I don't want to forget to translate them. Currently I have
to search and manually replace "" with "TODO". And by the way the string ""
appears also with translated texts.

אורי (Uri)

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