Right now, it's hard to report Vary header correctly. Headers might get 
accessed in many different places, like middlewares, subroutines (which 
can't use patch_vary_headers as they don't have access to the response 
object), etc - and all those cases should be reflected in the Vary header, 
or something might get cached incorrectly.

However, thanks to the newly added request.headers property (see 
https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/20147 and 
we now have a single place which is used to access request headers. We can 
track which ones were accessed, and then set Vary header automatically, for 
example in a middleware.

What do you think about:
1) adding some code to track accessed headers in request.headers,
2) adding a new middleware (or expanding an existing one), that sets the 
Vary header based on 1),
3) deprecating patch_vary_headers function 
and vary_on_headers/vary_on_cookie decorators and recommending to use 
request.headers instead?


PS. This is a follow-up to the https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/28533 

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