Hi all. 

We're reaching the end of the application period for GSoC. 

In order to know how many students we might accept, we need to know how 
many prospective mentors we have. 

This falls into two kinds of job: 

1. General project management help: communicating with students to help 
them set a schedule and a rhythm, and make sure they're able to make 
progress. (The hope is they're self motivated but...) 

2. More technical input. For this I'm thinking particularly about the 
migrations framwork (Markus, Simon, Shai, Andrew, ...) but *experienced 
hands* with knowledge of the internals: your input would be invaluable 

The forum seems to be working well, and it's a good format for this kind of 
thing, so I want to aim to focus the discussion there. 

I'd like to share the mentoring as a group. We'd need to assign specific 
mentors but I don't see why it can't be a group thing. 

If you could hang out a bit on the forum (mainly for task 1) and/or offer 
technical input, which you might be doing already/anyway (for task 2) then 
that would be a super contribution. 

Please let me know if you'd be willing to help mentor. 


Kind Regards,


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