>> inderjeet
What about this 
tutorial: https://simpleisbetterthancomplex.com/series/beginners-guide
(if you use it and will be confused about (old)virtualenv vs. python -m 
venv, read the discussion bellow the article)

My tip for IDE: PyCharm. PyCharm Community Edition for beginning.

And my other tip: What about to install double boot Windows+Debian and 
develop under Debian?

Dne čtvrtek 8. února 2018 23:28:19 UTC+1 Inderjeet Kaur napsal(a):
> Hi 
>     I am new to Django. can anyone please help me with installation and 
> starting a project. Does Django have IDE like dreamweaver or Visual studio 
> to design a website?
> I have installed Python 3.6 on my Windows machine. Also I have downloaded 
> and installed Django files at 
> location C:\Users\Vismaad\Documents\Django-2.0.2\build\lib\django.
>    I have no idea how to move ahead. What are Django-admin-tools?
> Thanks!

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