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The "fanciest" option is really the Thunderbird extension:


[just posting here in case you missed it]
I rarely use the web interface myself.
I haven't tried the Tbird extension yet; for some reason, while looking at DL-ticket originally, I had the foolish notion in my head that if I used the Tbird extension, the recipient needed it too, but of course that's nonsense!

The password is hashed for both, so you can only check whether it
matches against the user/ticket, but you cannot recover it.
Ahhh, of course. So keeping a separate table of emails the ticket was issued to, and their password, is definitely overkill.
   * Resending essentially identical emails... (copy the URL definitely
     works; I can copy/paste the comments too... so this is just a "nice
     to have" now that I think about it)
   * Being able to get a list of addresses to which a ticket has been sent
Just curious here: why do you need to resend? I understand if you missed
one address, but from the above I feel there's something more going on.
My "use case" is not about the large file capabilities, but more the security. I'm sending confidential docs 1 at a time to an audience of 50 people or so, who request them occasionally. Most of my tickets will probably be permanent, and I will reissue them several times a month as requests come in. Having a history of who I sent to would be an interesting exercise for me to track, that's all. Some of them are docs that don't change much over time, people just lose their copy, or get a new PC or something and don't have it anymore.

Thanks again Yuri!

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