In article <> you write:
>> I think _dmarc as a TXT record is fairly well known. Is there anything 
>> that would specifically prohibit this?
>gTLDs are not permitted to place TXT records in their zones.

That's mostly right.  There is detailed language in the registry contracts about
what's allowed in the TLD zones, dating back to the sitefinder fiasco
when Verisign put a *.com wildcard in the .com zone.  

See Exhibit A in the Base Registry Agreement:

TLDs are allowed to put in txt records for zone status.  See, for example,
the TXT records at or at total.

I doubt that anyone would object to a _dmarc.<tld> TXT record, but
it's debatable whether it would qualify as zone status.  Otherwise the
registry would have to make an RSEP request to ICANN for permission to
do so, which is expensive and slow.


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