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But to circle back to Jim's original question about the value of the ARC Seal, this has also been discussed at length in this working group, and has probably been one of the largest technical points of contention: i.e. how much value does it really add, for whom, and is it truly needed? Warning, here be demons: https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/msg/dmarc/4Gu1EErK4iuo9pQnZ-uJ2tKpMDQ

Thanks for the pointer to the 'demons'; lots there for me to absorb. I'll try to do that before burdening the list further on this topic.

If anyone wants to discuss any of this informally in Montreal, I'll be there all week. I guess the WG timeslot has been given to 'extra', and this is more than would fit in a 1-hour timeslot anyway.


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