Hello Kalyani,

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> If you mean SRv6 Mobile Uplane draft, it is already a WG document, not my 
> draft. So I’d collect opinions on this from WG. I’m sorry for that.
> As a co-author of the draft, I’m afraid I disagree. SRv6 Mobile Uplane draft 
> specifies SRv6 functions for mobile user plane, which should be architecture 
> agnostic.
> [KB] Sections 7.2, 7.3 refer to 3GPP terminology like eNB, SGW, PGW. My 
> comment was suggesting that you include 5G terminology and CUPS terminology 
> as well so it is clear how your proposal can be used in various scenarios.

Now I’ve got your point. Thank you.

>> [KB] I am also still not clear if the blue icons (which I think represent 
>> IP/MPLS nodes) in your slides are included in SRv6 architecture or not.
> I put some text what those icons indicate. Please find them in the slides. 
> The blue icons represent IPv6 or SRv6 node.
> [KB] Seems like the IPv6/SRv6 nodes do not interact with SMF. Is that the 
> intent? 

IPv6/SRv6 nodes interact with SMF but it’s indirect, is my idea.

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