One thing to suggest is to remember, that there are unfortunate
beings, who do not enjoy a normal eye vision, for whom, a fully
configurable font rendering is a *must*. It can be the best of
existing OSs, if it hurts a user's eyes, they have no other option,
other than, to discontinue using it. I tried a previous release by
fsmithred but was set back with tired and irritated eyes caused by the
small fonts used. Bigger resolutions should mean, better font
rendering with smooth edges that are more pleasant to read, rather
than, actual font sizes that are INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL to screen

Please, remember, eyesight problems also involve astigmatism which can
be very difficult to correct for. Don't assume a 7/7 eyesight is the
norm, as it is not.


If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

Albert Einstein
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