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 Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2016, 12:40 PM
On Tue, 18 Oct 2016 14:30:52 +0000 (UTC)
Go Linux <goli...@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Here's a suggestion . . .
>> Why don't you roll your own low vision-friendly Refracta! 

> That ain't a half bad idea!

OK.  Let's get to it!

>> That would be so easy to do with refractasnapshot

> I'll need guidance with refractasnapshot.


>> after you've made the appropriate changes

> Yeah, that was my next question. Changes to what? Where do I start in
> making this theme?

Change the wallpaper/background by right clicking on the desktop.  Fonts, etc. 
from Menu > Settings > Appearance

>> and way more efficient than us trying to figure
>> out what would and wouldn't work.   

> Yeah, I could do it in a day, which is way quicker than a back and
> forth via IRC.

Time will tell.

>> Don't know if fsr has room to
>> host it himself but he could surely provide prominent links to it on
>> the Refracta website, forum and sourceforge.

> Well wait. This thing is only relevant if, at boot, the person can
> choose it. If it's hosted elsewhere, and the user must navigate through
> an interface he can't see in order to download it, it's not worth doing.

Anybody interested in refracta would be made aware of a low-vision friendly 
edition and where to download it.  And as fsr mentioned, perhaps it could be 
included in the main iso as another user.  Only problem I see with that is that 
refracta is pared down to fit on a cd so there might not be room to do it that 

> Remember, this is like a buried shovel. The user must read in order to
> use my theme, and must use my theme to read.

See above.  Potential users will READ before they download so will know how and 
where to get what they need.

> Does Refracta ship with a factory direct, untweaked clearlooks? That
> might be a good place to start.

Both Devuan and Refracta use a customized Clearlooks-Phenix theme.  Clearlooks 
is not GTK3 friendly and these days GTK3 support is really needed.  
Clearlooks-Phenix was the best compromise.

> And I'll need your help on this, because I don't know which files and
> variables change which properties. I'll just ask you on #debianfork.

That should get you started.

> Thanks,
> SteveT

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