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> Here's a suggestion . . . 
> Why don't you roll your own low vision-friendly Refracta!  

That ain't a half bad idea!

> That would
> be so easy to do with refractasnapshot 

I'll need guidance with refractasnapshot.

> after you've made the
> appropriate changes 

Yeah, that was my next question. Changes to what? Where do I start in
making this theme?

> and way more efficient than us trying to figure
> out what would and wouldn't work.   

Yeah, I could do it in a day, which is way quicker than a back and
forth via IRC.

> Don't know if fsr has room to
> host it himself but he could surely provide prominent links to it on
> the Refracta website, forum and sourceforge.

Well wait. This thing is only relevant if, at boot, the person can
choose it. If it's hosted elsewhere, and the user must navigate through
an interface he can't see in order to download it, it's not worth doing.

Remember, this is like a buried shovel. The user must read in order to
use my theme, and must use my theme to read.

Does Refracta ship with a factory direct, untweaked clearlooks? That
might be a good place to start.

And I'll need your help on this, because I don't know which files and
variables change which properties. I'll just ask you on #debianfork.


Steve Litt 
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