J. Fahrner wrote on 12.02.2018 16:22:
> Am 2018-02-12 16:04, schrieb Irrwahn:
>> Assuming you are on an ASCII system:
> Yes.
>> I strongly suspect this is linked to the recent addition of elogind
>> to the repositories and the consequential changes to policykit.

> I found a simpler way to make it work again on stackexchange (last 
> message):
> https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/29637/how-do-i-shut-down-a-system-through-a-consolekit-dbus-message-as-user
> But is this the right way to do this?

Yes. No. Maybe. As almost always when dealing with unixoid systems there 
is no one single right way to do a thing. Unless you use the broadest 
definition of the term, i.e.: "The right way is whatever works[TM] for me."

However, that having said (and IANAPKE[*]):
I suspect that the "ResultAny=yes" line in the linked SE thread could 
be considered a security hole at least by some. (I should probably not 
mention I used similar hacks in the past - alas, I just did. :P)

[*] I am not a policykit expert  ;o)

Best regards

Sapere aude!
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