Didier Kryn wrote on 14.02.2018 15:06:
> Le 14/02/2018 à 13:37, Irrwahn a écrit :
>> 1. Make sure you have at least one of (traditional) consolekit or (new)
>>     elogind installed. (Note: You can have both installed and active; which
>>     one is actually used however is decided by which libpolkit-backend you
>>     choose to install, see 4.)
>      I had both elogind and consolekit.
>      Removing consolekit forces removal of task-xfce-desktop and few 
> other packages including slim.

Removing consolekit isn't mandatory, but yes, in doing so one causes 
same breakage just as you described.

>> Note:  Depending on what login manager you use in conjunction with which
>> desktop environment you might have to experiment a bit to find out which
>> of consolekit or elogind works best for you (or works[TM] at all).
>      Note that task-xfce-desktop requires slim and slim requires consolekit.

Correct. That however is not an accident, but more or less on purpose.

>      I already had lightdm installed, but slim was the onein function. 
> Tried dpkg-reconfigure lightdm, expecting to select the DM in function, 
> but there was no dialog. After reboot, the lightdm greeting popped up. 
> Xfce pannel's buttons for exit/reboot/shutdown now work properly.

Side note: It is absolutely possible to have the consolekit/slim/xfce 
combo working. Incidentally, that is exactly the setup that gets 
installed when you go all with the defaults during a fresh ASCII BETA 
installer run.

>      Mmc devices can now be mounted from the icon on xfce desktop - 
> permission was denied before.
>      Good job!

Glad that did help, you're welcome. :)

>      If elogind is to be Devuan's default, then, for consistency, 
> another DM than slim should be the default, and task-xfce-desktop should 
> be modified acordingly.

(See side note above.)

AIUI there has not even been any decision *if* there even will be a single
default in this respect, at the very least for ASCII. Different flavors 
of desktop environments work more or less well with different combinations 
of session management and login manager, and consequently the various 
task-...-desktop meta-packages each come with their distinct preferred 
(but not necessarily mandatory) set of default dependencies. But mostly (at 
least going by my own experience during a few dozen test installations I did 
in the last days) it's a matter of taste and personal preference. That's the 
up- and the downside in providing freedom of choice, in a nutshell. :)

Best regards

Sapere aude!
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