Le 14/02/2018 à 16:21, Irrwahn a écrit :
      Sure it is possible to have both Consolekit and Elogind, but can
they be both active?


Oh, how I would know, you might ask.  Well, for a start, I'm typing this
message on a desktop machine where it's the case.:)

As I wrote in the OP: Which one gets the cookie, so to speak, is decided
by the choice of polkit backend. Currently elogind here, but I could just
as well swap it out for the consolekit backend library, should I decideto
start my lightdm/Xfce desktop that way.

Just go ahead, have your session management of the day!;-P

    Did that, I reinstalled slim and made it the DM in charge. Everything works fine, except slim has lost its beautifull background. Now its background is just grey.


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