taii...@gmx.com writes:
I still have not received an answer from the FSF about if purism will be allowed to fraudulently market their products at libreplanet, they avoid the question as if I never asked it whilst answering my other questions.

I've answered enough support mail to be able to explain why.

Some questions aren't meant to elicit information. The questioner doesn't want information, not even if the question is "why did you chosse ...?". Rather, sending any sort of information back will just make the asker send something more. Answering such questions doesn't inform anyone, or achieve anything, it just generates more long mail.

One learns to recognise this class of question.

If you want an answer from the FSF, you have to ask qustions that don't sound as if answering would be a waste of time that leads only to more wasted time, with no productive result for either you or the FSF.


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