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> hi Mubarak,
> On Mon, 26 Mar 2018, muba...@openmailbox.org wrote:
> > Hello Erik & Alessandro
> > 
> > I faced similar problem but not in the system installation.
> > 
> > 4-6 months ago I installed Devuan 1.0 DVD i386 and amd64 .iso. And
> > after the installation complete i find out that network-manager,
> > modemmanager are not installed by default(they are included in the
> > DVD but the debian-installer did not install them).
> thanks for this post outlining a possible solution.
> today a friend contacted me after installing ASCII on a HP Gen 9
> server (UEFI) reporting the same issue: no CDROM found.
> I wonder if we can nail the error to a reproducible state?
> haven't incurred into it so far.
> ciao

This recently happened to me when trying to install Ascii on a laptop,
the install went okay until it started asking for the CDROM. I was
installing from a USB device.

I started the install again, but it happened again. It was then, whilst
checking everything, that I found the laptop was not connected to the
network via eth0 and I had been using this for the install (network
install). I fixed this (the plug wasn't fully home) and started again,
this time the install didn't ask for the CDROM and the install
completed successfully.

So, could it be a lack of network connectivity, leading to needing the
CDROM (even though it isn't being installed from CDROM) to complete
the install ??


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