I had never heard of Trinity until now, and I've done a bit of
searching through distributions without systemd:


It might still be available for one of them, but I suspect that when I
looked, it wasn't the main desktop environment for any of them.

Unless there's a packager behind the scenes working on it (fingers
crossed for you), Devuan itself doesn't have it packaged, so it's
unsurprising that (at a glance) no distribution based on Devuan
features Trinity.

I was still curious..

I tried to find the developers' reasoning in building it, as
philosophies are a fascinating read for me.  I had no luck. It appears
to be a continuation that matured into its own desktop environment.

May I ask your reasoning for wanting Trinity?

  [ I wonder if you can be convinced of another environment (or none at
  all) enough to migrate and use Devuan. ]

On Mon, 9 Apr 2018 22:24:23 -0700
Jimmy Johnson <field.engin...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm looking for a distro that features TDE-Trinity
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