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> * On 2018 10 Apr 16:38 -0500, chillfan wrote:
> > What's the TLDR on TDE? Is it less encumbered with systemd than
> > KDE/Plasma?  
> I've not looked lately, but it started life after the KDE devs stopped
> supporting KDE 3.5.x and focused on KDE4.  What it has acquired in the
> meantime, I don't know.

..one part of the reason TDE was started, was the KDE devs ditched 
KDE 3.5.x user locale etc environment setup customizability, in favor 
of GNOME-style "smart" KDE4 user setup.

..I'm totally okay with a recommended localised environment setup
_suggetion_ for newbies and totally fed up with dictatorship.

..and AFAICT, TDE hasn't recovered what I had in KDE-3.5.14.

> Answers may be available at:
>         https://www.trinitydesktop.org/
> - Nate

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