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Hi Nate!  alienbob is a workaholic, every group needs one. I've parted with
Patrick, he's a fun guy to hang with and I love Slack and I have installed
Slack a few times and Patrick has installed it for me too while at kde4
release at google.  I wish I was using it, but I have disabilities that keep
me from being much of a keyboarder and I'm very thankful for point-n-click
linux and Debian apt.

Nate do you know if kde from Slackware can be ported to Debian or Devuan?
Something like that would be a blessing for a kde user.

What do you need that is not already present in the KDE shipped with
Devuan ASCII? There is no systemd running in there, and KDE is
reported to work just fine.

<KDE 4.14> No kde5-framework. KatolaZ I really do not like systemd or plasma5, I do not like The Borg and I'm always looking for options.

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