| On 5/15/19 3:34 PM, Daryl Richards wrote:
| What I do in provisioning phones, is set the hostname of the device in the 
config file sent| ...
| Then, the phone will send that hostname in it's DHCP request, which then you 
can use for DNS lookups.

That certainly seems like another valid method to skin this cat, and it sounds 
like you've done this
to know that it works. While I was hoping to avoid that sort of setup for a 
small home network, I'll
certainly give it a try. I do have a copy of the Spiura provisioning guide that 
I downloaded from
http://www.mik.ua/products/spa941/spa_provisioning_guide.pdf when I stumbled 
across it, and I'm sure
I can locate one for my grandstream device as well.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Kevin Flynn

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