On 5/14/2019 6:42 PM, Kevin Flynn wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I'm currently working on a small home network voip system, and I cannot
> for the life of me figure out how to get dnsmasq to send dhcp option 12
> hostnames to clients. I've tried all the obvious methods, including
> /etc/ethers, dhcp-hostsfile entries, dhcp-ignore-names,
> dhcp-generate-names, tag sets, etc. with no luck.
> As I was searching the list archices, I noticed a comment from Simon
> mentioning that dnsmasq will not send a dhcp option 12 hostname to a
> client if the client sends a hostname to dnsmasq, and none of my
> configuration attempts seem to be able to override this behavior.
> The reason for attempting this, is that I have 2 voip ata adapters,
> which are Linksys/Cisco SPA3000 and they are configured by default to
> send the hostname "SipuraSPA." and I am attempting to configure and
> provision these devices automatically, as opposed to logging into each
> device individually everytime they need to be configured.
> So in summary, is there any way to tell dnsmasq to send a dhcp option 12
> hostname to a client reliably, everytime, regardless of what the client
> is sending ?

Why not using the MAC address of those devices in dnsmasq?



John Doe

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