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> Having read them both, neither one thrills me but I'd give the nod to
> adpkja.  The "Internet Names" in tldr seems to me a bad idea, since
> there are a lot of other names on the Internet such as URIs and handle
> system names, and this is about domain names.

BTW, if this is your only reason for preferring one document to the other,
it's pretty thin.   Maybe "Internet Names" is the wrong term to use.   It's
one that we came up with pretty much on the spur of the moment in Buenos
Aires, because we didn't want to use "Domain Names," because "Domain Names"
is too easily confused with "Domain Name System Protocol."   Personally, I
like Domain Names, but I agree that the term begs for confusion.

Point being, whichever document you like, we ought to figure out what term
to use.   If it's "Domain Name," I'm fine with that.  I  used "Internet
Name" because that seemed to be the consensus in the room, not because I'm
wedded to it.
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