> Now when I see that this kind of problems is real, it is probably the
> right time to ask Geoff to use his tools and get some data from large
> scale measurement...
> Underscore is now out of the question because we know about the
> Android/Chrome problem se might test alternative labels.
> ??-- variant is out of question because it goest against
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5891#section-5.4
> So, to have something realistic and testable, I propse to use strings:
> test-name-rfcXXXX-dnssec-root-trust-anchor-key-trusted-yes-0000
> (63 octets, unlikely to colide with anything, self-explanatory)
> test-name-rfcXXXX-dnssec-root-trust-anchor-key-trusted-no-0000
> (62 octets)
> Opinions?
> Geoff, is it realistic to test that clients are able to resolve A
> records containing these leftmost labels?

It is an interesting question, and one we should probably measure.

My outstanding question is to Paul Hoffman (and anyone else who caress):
if not  underscores and IF “xm—“ as a leading substring is not acceptable for 
some reason, then what label format would be acceptable for this 



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