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> Hi Drew,
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>> Great. Well the changes I made to Chaper 2 and Chapter 3 (other email
>> on that) are simply what was talked about in the meeting and just a
>> start, which is why it went straight back to the server.
> No problem, it's all work that needs to be done, so thank you.
>> I won't touch Chapter 5, given you have started already.
> Chapter 5 & 6 kinda' overlap' with each other. When we have consensus
> on the template, I will try to get both updated.
>> Hmmpf - is there a Chapter 4 somewhere?
> No. A very long time ago I asked the same question of Jean and she
> explained what her intention for chapter 4 was. I am sure I kept her
> answer, but I will have to scratch around in my archives and post back
> later.
>> Thanks,
>> Drew
> Cheers
> Dave

I managed to dredge the following extracts up from my archives.

Back in 2011 Jean wrote:
> The chapters I have planned for this book are as follows. Suggestions
> for other topics, and volunteers to write Chapter 4 and 7, are
> welcome. I can hurl together a first draft of Chapter 5 from
> pre-existing material, and Chapter 6 is essentially what's in the user
> guide chapter template.
> 1) Joining the Documentation Team (this chapter)
> 2) Producing LibreOffice User Guides (draft available in Resources)
> 3) Using Alfresco (being updated from Jeremy's "bootcamp" doc)
> 4) Blogging and social media
> 5) Style guide for writers (including preferred terminology)
> 6) Using the documentation templates (includes list of paragraph and
> character styles and when to use them, plus other info currently part
> of the user guide chapter template itself)
> 7) Producing other documentation (tutorials, howtos, administrators’
> guide, etc.)
In reply to my question about Chapter 4 in 2017 Jean wrote:
> Ch4 was, I think, intended for info about the wiki, or using social
> media, or something else about contributing other than to the user
> guides. When I started revising the guide last year, I took it out and
> renumbered Ch5 & 6 to be 4&5, but never got around to revising them.
> The draft of Ch7 is, I think, now obsolete.
> I think the guide should have info on contributing to the Help system,
> and something on how the Docs team fits into the overall LO project.


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