Has a new Wifi to the area appeared and is swamping music and bells wifi, thus forcing it off line?

Could you setup a simple ping script to a router or something similar and i it fails to get a reply then it reboot the PI?

Does not solve the issue but keep it running

Tim H

On 01/08/2021 09:33, Terry Coles wrote:
On Sunday, 1 August 2021 08:12:03 BST Terry Coles wrote:
This system will of course reboot in an hours time.  If that restores
connectivity, we can probably live with the situation, but I'd really like
to know what is going on.
Well.  The reboot worked and I am now in again.  The main mystery now is why
history shows that after a Power Cycle the system stays up for 2-3 days, but
it stayed up for less than 24 hrs after yesterday's scheduled reboot..

Maybe the wind in the trees that partially screen the WiFi Antenna?  possibly,
but the gale force winds of a couple of days ago didn't take it down.  Any
other ideas?

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