On 02/08/2021 10:04, Terry Coles wrote:
On Monday, 2 August 2021 09:57:47 BST PeterMerchant wrote:
It is an interesting question.  On my PC which has a 4M cable to a wifi
dongle hanging in a window, and on the same side of the house as the
router, but diagonal far corner. (Downstairs west of house to upstairs east
of house)
Coo.  That's a bit drastic.  Have you considered installing a WiFI Extender
somewhere between the Router and the PC?

As I mention there is a Wifi Extender in the room below, which of course means 
the signal going through wooden floors.  The Wireless printer beside the PC is 
connected to the Wifi extender.  I used to use a powerline adapter for the PC, 
but the Wifi is faster. Years ago my experiments gave me the best signal in 
this position, so I have never retested, even though I have a different dongle 
now.  I think(?) that my impression is that a direct connection to the router 
is faster than via the Wifi extender - More tests needed.

I guess that I am working on the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' principle.


Is there a program that displays Wifi signal strength? - Yeah - iwconfig!


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