Back in 2006 I bought a Cherry CyMotion Master Linux keyboard which apart from 
anything else is a very nice keyboard.  I remember at the time I had some 
problems with mapping the Media keys and I even have a copy of an email that I 
sent to Cherry asking about this because the supplied software only supported 
32 bit machines and I had a 64 bit Athlon at the time.  The substance of my 
query was regarding the compilation of the supplied source code and whether it 
would work.  Unfortunately I can't find any response.

Whatever happened, I clearly fixed it at the time because it has worked ever 
since....  until Kubuntu 22.04.  I found this site from 2007:


which refers to the download of the source and points to the Cherry downloads 
site to get the source.  Unfortunately the site for the CyMotion Master Linux 


Only lists Windows drivers under the listing for the *Linux* keyboard, so no 
hope in that direction.

Does anyone else have this keyboard or can hazard a guess as to what has gone 
wrong?  I appear to be able to map some at least of the media keys, but then 
they aren't remembered after a reboot.


                Terry Coles

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