On Wednesday, 18 May 2022 19:46:45 BST Hamish McIntyre-Bhatty wrote:
> Huh, must be some configuration then. Maybe making a copy of /etc on
> both machines and then comparing the difference between the files. I'm
> not sure if there's some fancy recursive diff command to make that easy,
> but Ralph might know :)

You may well be right, but as noted elsewhere, that will be a lot of work.  
I'll try it to see if there is anything obvious, but otherwise the current 
install is for the chop.

> I thought you said it didn't work with live media on your desktop though?

I never tried it with a live instance of Kubuntu, only Ubuntu, Mint and Fedora 
(which worked).  Having seen it working with Kubuntu on the laptop, then I 
guess it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.  I've been doing upgrades for several 
years now and the system tends to gather lots of cruft that way.

The only downside of a clean upgrade is that my /home directory has its own 
partition; precisely to prevent the config files being lost.  If a clean 
installation retaining the /home partition doesn't work, then I'll try 
installing with everything on one partition and moving /home afterwards.  I've 
done it before.  It means a lot of reconfiguring, but needs must.

> I hope you don't have to do a fresh install, they're really annoying.
> Maybe sticking to Kubuntu LTS releases would help - I had a really
> terrible experience from around 2012-2014 until I started sticking with
> the LTS releases. Granted, that was a long time ago and maybe that just
> reflects when I'd learnt enough to not break things when I was messing
> around with the system.

Over the years I've done a clean installation quite a few times and appreciate 
that it will take some time to get back to where it was in terms of Plasma 
Activities and installed packages etc, so I'm reasonably confident (famous last 

It may even solve some of the other niggles I've had with Kubuntu over the 
last few upgrades.  Nothing major, but annoying.

> Debian might also be more stable, if, like me, you really don't like
> where Canonical's going with snaps.

I would certainly prefer not to have to deal with the plethora of snaps, 
flatpaks and 'stuff' that's been creeping in over the past few years, but I 
Kubuntu, I'm used to working with it and other distros with native KDE 
Desktops have other disadvantages.


                Terry Coles

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