A friend of mine is wanting a new laptop and asked if I would post his request 
here - Yes he uses Linux.

Does anybody know of a good source for him?

I've looked at Linux built laptops including Dell and all seem to be overpriced 
compared to popular Windows orientated companies.
I had a beautiful Huawei Al chassis, fingerprint and a good spec at a marvelous 
price from Amazon under £500. I dual booted Ubuntu 22.04 but could not get 
Sound, microphone or fingerprint to work! All I got from Ubuntu was criticism 
of my post and no solutions offered. I tried at least a dozen links from Google 
and made no progress, I returned the laptop on the last day of returns and got 
refunded 2 months later.
I've looked at reconditioned from Amazon sellers but reductant to trust their 

I wonder if you could ask the group for any suggestions around ,£500. 256 /512 SSD 
8GB memory i3/5 or AMDr3/5, Al chassis, 14"+/- , fingerprint and backlight UK 

Over to you guys.

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