On 20/09/2022 17:26, Peter Merchant wrote:
A friend of mine is wanting a new laptop and asked if I would post his request 
here - Yes he uses Linux.

Does anybody know of a good source for him?

I've looked at Linux built laptops including Dell and all seem to be overpriced 
compared to popular Windows orientated companies.
I had a beautiful Huawei Al chassis, fingerprint and a good spec at a marvelous 
price from Amazon under £500. I dual booted Ubuntu 22.04 but could not get 
Sound, microphone or fingerprint to work! All I got from Ubuntu was criticism 
of my post and no solutions offered. I tried at least a dozen links from Google 
and made no progress, I returned the laptop on the last day of returns and got 
refunded 2 months later.
I've looked at reconditioned from Amazon sellers but reductant to trust their 

I wonder if you could ask the group for any suggestions around ,£500. 256 /512 SSD 
8GB memory i3/5 or AMDr3/5, Al chassis, 14"+/- , fingerprint and backlight UK 

Over to you guys.

Thanks everybody for your help and advice. Here is a  response to me from 
Walter, which he says he has posted here, but I didn't see it.

---- ---- ----

Thanks for keeping me on the mailing list which I gladly receive. I have not 
posted for a long while so i thought I should get back on stream and clear 
things with yourself first.

Peter kindly put my request up recently Under "New Laptop" attached below, and 
I would like to reply to that stream. Would you kindly assist and post this for me and 
I'll follow the procedure thereafter,

Thank you kindly, Walter Reed

"New Laptop"

Thanks all the contributors to this thread which Peter kindly posted.

I looked at the various options and after my first and only disappointment at 
not getting the Huawei Matebook D15 to fully install so I had to return back to 

I had looked at a couple of suitable offers and decided I better choose an 
option that I could readily return locally if I was out of luck again.

I decided an on-line order at Argos and have since managed the get this Asus 
Vivobook fully installed and running merrily. I had read up various articles an 
believed they claimed were mostly compatible and I was warned about a possible 
wifi problem. Well, I took the risk and this was my progress:-

Wifi driver for Asus VivobookA516JA

My trouble installing Ubuntu on new Asus Vivobook-15 A516JA" was with a missing 
 wifi driver. 'lspci' showed the Network controller was Realtek but no correct 
driver was installed.  This is a serious lack of external communication needed 
during installation.  I overcome the lack of ethernet or wifi connection using a USB 
cable hotspot tethered to my mobile phone. This idea which was new to me and it took 
sometime to resolve but immediately connected to the internet and allowed me to 
fully tweek  a new installation (also thanks to Youtube) however still no wifi!

I installed and updated Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and knowing the driver was missing 
went to Software Updater/Settings/Additional Drivers and and there it was 
waiting for me to accept a restricted driver for Realtk rtl8821ce-dkms. Reboot 
and all sorted.

Thanks again for all your help and suggestions.

Cheers Walter.
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