Moi <> wrote:

I've made some more tests and I still can't receive mails; sending them
still works. I don't receive any error message, just the mails that are
supposed to be received won't come.
In the mail logs, I find only this relevant line:
dovecot: imap-login: Aborted login (no auth attempts in 2 secs): user=<>

Did you post doveconf -n (I didn't catch the head of this thread)? That
would be step 0.

A good first step is to test whether you have basic authentication
working (to separate out if you have a server or client issue).  I assume
you allow plaintext communication, but if not, substitute telnet with
"openssl sclient -connect your-server:993":

        C: # telnet your-server 143
        S: * OK [CAPABILITY ...
        C: x1 login testuser theirpassword

If you get an OK response to this, it may be a client issue (check settings on
client).  If you get an error or failure, look inward: check logs and config.

Joseph Tam <>

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