On 2016-10-18 07:55, Moi wrote:
Two things to check:

 >   # What does dovecot think user "mailtest" has?
 >   doveadm user mailtest

I get this:
field   value
uid     1002
gid     8
home    /home/mailtest
mail    mbox:~/mail:INBOX=/var/mail/mailtest

this looks wrong I don't think /var should be your home directory.

system_groups_user      mailtest

 >   # The sticky bit should be set on /var/mail (you didn't mention
 >   # setting it.  It probably doesn't have bearing on this problem,
 >   # but it will make it a little more secure.
 >   chmod 1777 /var/mail

You're right, I didn't do it.

I usually don't use this command, I look at the log file which seems to
have more details. Try > looking there for more diagnostics. Also, look at
your MTA's logs as well.

I'll try to locate them.
Thank you.

I always install "locate" and whenever I change anything do as root
then you can type
"locate *.log"
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