Hi Shawn,

On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 01:12, Shawn K. Hall <sh...@reliableanswers.com> wrote:
>> In Vax/VMS world we used a technique called  "spawning"
>> another process. Seems there should be SOMETHING similar
>> in Windows.  In fact it should be even easier since DQSD
>> has no need to stay "attached" to the spawned process
>> and check its exit status.
> The problem in Windows (at least in this instance) is that it's not
> necessarily a simple shell call. A POST usually has to be made to the
> server (which requires additional HTTP headers that can't be passed on a
> command line), which means the application being pushed has to interact
> temporarily with DQSD.

There's a launch mode -- can't remember the name or number -- that
writes out a temporary .html page, and then launches it via the shell.

That's a pretty simple way of handling these kinds of things. I'd like
to make it possible to configure which browser .exe the user wants to
use, in association with the temporary-page launch, but I haven't
figured it out just yet.

There's also the problem with IE's security features; depending on
where from a page is launched, it may get the lockdown restrictions,
and the browser will run in a cramped mode.

- Kim

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